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Father Pablo Straub is a noted author and a producer of acclaimed Catholic audios and videos. His devout, dynamic and humorous presentations are often aired on Mother Angelica’s EWTN television and radio networks and on Mexican Catholic television.

A missionary priest of St. Alphonsus’ Redemptorist Order, Father Straub serves the poorest of the poor and has lived and worked for the past 38 years in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

El Padre Pablo Straub es un autor y productor célebre de multimedia Católica. Sus presentaciones con frecuencia se publican en las estaciones católicas de la televisión Mexicana y en EWTN.

Sacerdote de la Orden de Misioneros Redentoristas de San Alfonso, el Padre Straub atiende a los más pobres y ha dedicado su ministerio los últimos 38 años a los pueblos de México y Puerto Rico.

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A missionary priest, Father Pablo spent  years evangelizing Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Peru.  Father has spent the last 16 years in rural Mexico.  Father Pablo preaches the Word of God in both Mexico and the United States; directing missions and retreats.  He appears on EWTN and Mexican Catholic television.  Father Pablo is currently helping found two new Religious Orders, one of missionary Sisters and one of future priests.  The orders, The Consecrates of the Most Holy Savior, are both missionary and contemplative and are located in the State of Guerrero on the lower Pacific coast of Mexico.

Young people from Mexico, Centeral and South America and the U.S. are coming forward and asking what they must do to join the new Religious Orders.  For this reason, Father is actively engaged in building, at a point two miles from the Pacific upon the foothills of the Sierra Madre, a seminary and motherhouse for the future priests' Order and a convent-motherhouse for the Sisters' Order.  Currently, the missionary Sisters are sleeping in a temporary convent and the future priests have been sleeping in the classroom building


That They May Have Life with Fr. Pablo StraubTHAT THEY MAY HAVE LIFE

Fr. Pablo Straub, CSSR, conducts this in-depth teaching series and study on the seven sacraments, the manner in which we should live our lives in response to them, and the underlying prayer which must support our participation in each.

An examination of the seven sacraments as presented in the catechism of the Catholic Church. The seven sacraments are more than a family tradition; they are God’s way of pouring out his own life into his own family, which is the Church that was born of Jesus’ pierced heart on Calvary.
If you knew the gift
Unto the Holy Trinity
As my Father sent me
The Lamb that saves the sheep
How can I pray?
The Mass is Calvary
In the person of Christ

Oh, merciful God!
The Wedding Feast of the Lamb
He makes her holy
To live is Christ
The thirst of God
The Church that prays

Catholic Holy Week Retreat - Lent

Fr. Pablo Straub conducts a five-part retreat on the meaning of Holy Week. Each hour-long installment yields in-depth analysis of the self-donation Christ made during the final week of his life.

Topics of discussion include the institution of the Holy Eucharist, the Eucharistic Miracle at Lanciano, Italy, the devotion and consecration to his Most Sacred Heart, the devotion to the Divine Mercy, including the Chaplet and Novena of Divine Mercy, his Passion, Seven Last Words, death and triumphant resurrection. Meditations of the first three episodes are followed by Eucharistic Benediction, the fourth with the Sacred Heart Consecration, and the fifth, with the Veneration of the Cross and Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Monday   ~~  Tuesday ~~ Wednesday  ~~ Thurdsay  ~~ Friday


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